Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Musically Humbled by Hamburgers

As if the Go Burger restaurant near me weren't freakin' delicious enough, the embarrassing, super-unhip truth is that I know of no other venue, radio station, TV channel, website, or Pandora option that does a better job than the haunting, mocking, amazing alternative rock music selection in that place of conjuring up things both new and old that I love and have never heard before.  

I've actually asked staff there more than once to tell me where on earth the music they play comes from -- what wondrous other world or hip female bartender -- and yet they can only tell me vaguely that it's piped in by a mysterious home office elsewhere in the country over which they have no control.  I am strongly tempted to try e-mailing corporate HQ.  

So today I ate a hamburger and, sure enough, heard this for the first time (“Talk to Me” by the 22-20s -- and its lyrics are just traditional enough that finding this took no small amount of Googling, I must say), but there's at least one song this good I discover every time I go in there -- and this happens nowhere else.

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