Friday, March 21, 2014

Seavey/Perry on 300, Dear Reader, More

Gerard Perry and I (directed by Matt Brandenburgh) once more chat on YouTube about cultural goings-on and this time find some parallels between 300: Rise of an Empire, other Frank Miller projects, Michael Malice’s book on North Korea, and diverse peoples wearing Native American headdresses. 

I liked both 300 movies, cartoony though they admittedly are -- and some would say more than a bit fetishy, a sort of agoge-a-go-go*, if you will. 

But they are not as fetishy as the work of Belle Knox, the porn star/Duke freshman who has recently been in the news -- and been on Kennedy et al’s libertarian talkshow The Independents on Fox Business Network (which teased that segment with the Bowie song “Queen Bitch”).  Knox not only reaffirmed in that interview that she’s a libertarian Republican but noted that Rand Paul also went to Duke (to complete medical school). 

Between this and Paul’s warm reception at Berkeley, we may be able to keep the left confused for a couple more years and thus ensure victory in 2016.  (Think of Kennedy as our version of the bold Persian-allied admiral Artemisia, or at least take note of the fact that Kennedy’s forehead somewhat resembles Eva Green’s.  Big foreheads are where the brains are stored, after all.) 

*Wittiest jest of the season.

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