Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Terminator Pitch

I don’t mean to suggest that I think the guy who wrote Drive Angry isn’t up to the task, but this is what I’d do.

As I've said before (but I'll say it shorter each time), the only new Terminator worth doing would have a line like "It's 2015 A.D., and after countless time travel missions we finally achieved a timeline with no nuclear war and no Terminators -- I'm the only one who remembers how horrible things might have been...and somehow that's why, in this pleasant world of cat videos, social networking, and algorithmic online shopping, the drones and military robots have begun tracking me. My name is John Connor."

But in the meantime, let’s do a debate about Bitcoin (and related matters) at next month’s Dionysium in Williamsburg.  More soon.