Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Four Fandoms

Covering all four sturdy legs of the Todd Seavey philosophical table:

•Dave Whitney recommends punk-friendly MUSIC review site MarkPrindle.com.

•Jacob Levy recommends a site about COMIC BOOKS that depict punk.

•Helen Rittelmeyer notes that one of her friends, Leah Libresco, is blogging about being an ATHEIST dating a Catholic (the reverse of Helen’s own highly-enjoyable situation, of course).

•And I should urge every LIBERTARIAN to check out my boss’s site and the linked sites thereon (to keep you occupied between the weekend broadcasts on FBN).

But to stay broad-minded (when I’m not arguing with Eric Metaxas or a public relations man for Opus Dei, as I was at a party last week), I organize debates like the one this Thursday on burlesque.  I’m even moderating this one, so join me.


Gerard said...

Todd, you do realize that this debate coincides with the ESPN special that will declare the destiniation of free agent and NBA colossus Lebron James, don’t you?

D------- said...

You forgot one, see http://www.filmlinc.com/wrt/onsale/eastwood.html

Caren Lissner said...

“(the reverse of Helen’s own highly-enjoyable situation, of course).”

Ha ha!

She is a VERY lucky girl.