Monday, May 31, 2010

Reich Against the Machine

Unless this is just a postmodernist art hoax, it appears this is a Nazi propaganda poster used in Belgium to depict the myriad evils of America — and as an American, I have to say I love that crazy-looking America-metaphor machine, which vaguely reminds me of the bar Chief Ike’s Mambo Room in DC (I don’t plan to be at that specific establishment this coming weekend, but you can catch me Sunday, June 6 at 1pm for brunch at Vermilion in Old Town Alexandria if you like).  I hope that metaphor kicks Nazi ass.

I am less enthused about this World War I British publication, which strikes my twenty-first-century ear as having an unfortunate title.

Today, though, let us honor those dead in war both by remembering their heroism and by remembering that war is always absurd and tragic and to be avoided if possible.  It’s as complete a breakdown of civilization as can occur, as all good conservatives should remember.

And if that sounds a bit too much like hippie-talk to some Republicans (including perhaps some of the hawkish folk with whom I attended a barbecue yesterday), let us also pause to remember that one can sometimes be both crazy hippie and Republican, to wit: rest in peace, Dennis Hopper.  (We should drink in his honor this coming Wednesday at Lolita Bar, after the Shakespeare debate.)


William O. B'Livion said...

“…remembering that war is always absurd and tragic and to be avoided if possible.”


One can ALWAYS avoid war by capitulation and surrender.

Yeah, war is an awful thing, but it is not always the most awful thing that can happen.

Meredith said...

I happened to learn that Dennis Hopper died when I stopped in Dodge City, Kansas yesterday. The interesting part: he was born there.