Friday, January 15, 2010

NBC Head Jeff Zucker and Conan O'Brien Have Sparred Before...

…when one headed the Harvard Crimson and the other the Harvard Lampoon. Mainstream media vs. comedy, in a battle now spanning three decades. You know who I’m rooting for.

If it all ends with the 5’6” Zucker finally breaking down in tears and saying, “Conan was 6’4”, even then! He always got the girl! And he thought he was so funny!” the film version of it all becomes inevitable.

I was reminded of all this after seeing Adam Braff last night, one of the few times I have since many years ago when he was working at the Brown Daily Herald and I’d recently edited the comedic and sometimes libertarian-sounding Brown Film Bulletin. Now, he consults for a gigantic, well-known bank and I just make fun of the government and people who claim household cleansers cause leukemia. Some things change after college, but not all that much.


Xine said...

And undergrad Zucker apparently once had Conan arrested when COB led a Lampoon prank to steal the day’s copies of the Crimson. So the film can include a car chase through congested Cambridge streets.

Todd Seavey said...

Getting better and better, here’s a quote from _Business Week_ about it:

“My first meeting with Jeff Zucker was in handcuffs, with a Cambridge police officer reading me my rights,” says O’Brien.