Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brown Addendum, Morrissey Addendum

I have to thank Helen for sending two links supplemental to my Brown and alternative rock references earlier today:

•First, a link to a swell archive of the unbelievably large number of letters-to-the-editor that my old philosophy professor, the methodically skeptical Felicia Ackerman, has written — and indeed, she had another one in the New York Times just today (fifth one down), amusingly and crankily attacking the villainous David Brooks, that waffling, big-government-loving dweeb (though that’s not why she’s attacking him — she’s faulting him for slighting “the old and un-hip,” which in an adorable way makes her more conservative than him, not that that’s so difficult).

•Second, this link to a list of fake — or are they? — Morrissey song titles (and while we’re at it, here’s a link to my own fake Morrissey song, in case you didn’t read it back when I first wrote it). I noticed just today, by the way, that Morrissey, in his solo live version of “Bigmouth Strikes Again,” twice (twice!) mentions Joan of Arc’s “iPod” (instead of her Walkman and her hearing aid, as in the original), which sounds so awkward one almost has to wonder whether he was paid by Apple to do that (they have Al Gore on their board, so I wouldn’t put any deception past them).

P.S. In sadder alt-rock news, the very same day I posted that list from Wendell Gee of alternative rock songs that included Cyndi Lauper, I see the obituary of her unofficial manager, the mighty and rubber-band-covered Captain Lou Albano. We’ll miss you, big guy.

P.P.S. AND SOMEONE CLAIM MY OTHER ASOBI SEKSU TICKET, PER MY PREVOUS ENTRY! Do you not understand that this is an amazing opportunity to spend an evening with me? [UPDATE: Ticket claimed!]


Christopher said...

According to one of the comments she has 133 letters in the NYT in all.

I also didn’t realize that she used to be named “Diana.”

Todd Seavey said...

Maybe she got tired of being confused with poet/naturalist Diane F. Ackerman — in much the same way, to use a work of art looked at in my next blog entry, RoboCop gets tired of being seen as a machine and resumes calling himself “Murphy,” leaving nary a dry eye in the house.

Xine said...

“I cheer for the cloned mules.”

By the way, this reminds me of something I meant to mention weeks ago–this year’s *Time Out New York* sex issue featured a poll of sex workers. In response to the question “What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done,” one responded “urinate on a Brown University professor.”

Not to imply that was FNA, of course.

Todd Seavey said...

Well, as one of Ackerman’s fellow medievalism buffs, you probably know that her adopted middle name, Nimue, _is_ an alternate name for the Lady of the _Lake_. Not that that proves anything.

Christopher said...

Of course. But let us not forget that FNA once wrote a letter to the Providence Journal pointing out that just because someone *appears* to be dressed like a “bag lady” and is standing on the corner, passersby should not drop change into the coffee cup she is holding.

Perhaps there was a certain smell involved as well.