Sunday, August 9, 2009

Retro-Journal, Condensed Version


Before meeting me DOWNSTAIRS at Doc Waton’s at 11:30am today for birthday brunch, you might want a quick recap of my life’s four rich decades, just so you’re up to speed:

•1970s: sci-fi

•1980s: alternative rock

•1990s: libertarianism

•00s: scientific skepticism, debate


1. Time well spent?

2. Next step?


Diana said...

Make sure to save all the information about the usefulness of your life so that you can survive the death panel.

Shane MacGowan's Teeth said...

Wasn’t it called “underground” in the 80s? I distinctly remember that the unparalleled show 120 Minutes explored “underground” rock. It wasn’t “alternative” rock until the early 90s. But then all the 90s acts bristled at being labeled, so at some point there was No Alernative. Man, was that confusing. And now, everything is “indie,” and all the kids wear black-frame glasses and thrift-store cardigans over undersized Girl Scout t-shirts. But as the 80s were the greatest decade ever, I’m still clinging to “underground.”