Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Sermon on Manliness, from Clint Eastwood


If some assert that feminism is a libertarian virtue, it’s only right that we counter by asking: Is manliness an even more libertarian virtue?  Let’s consult this Esquire interview with libertarian former mayor of Carmel, CA, Clint Eastwood.  His thoughts on “Generation Pussy” alone may be worth your time (and my thanks to consummate gentleman Ali Kokmen for pointing the piece out).

Alternatively, there is the sensitivity evinced by this man weeping over the closing of a public library, not that I’m saying crying is always a sign of weakness.

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Food for Thought | theCL said...

[...] In a running conversation with a few other bloggers, Todd Seavey has been discussing whether feminism is, or is not, a libertarian virtue.  Todd then asks the question, “Is manliness an even more libertarian virtue?” [...]