Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scary: Doom v. V v. NYT v. Onion


Which is scariest:

(a) This Doctor Doom jack-o-lantern pointed out to me by Jacob Levy (which may be more alarming than that electricity-shooting costume I mentioned in a previous entry).

(b) The fact I’m headed to see the vampire movie (second in less than a week) 30 Days of Night (Kip’s Bay 7:15 show) dressed as V from V for Vendetta.

(c) The fact that the New York Times, which cannot be so in love with gay stories as to have lost all interest in being taken seriously as a fact-based newspaper, ran an op-ed today by a transgendered ghosthunter about how contacting her father’s ghost was awkward since she’d changed genders since his death.

(d) Or the new form of tyrannical government that the Onion imagines being accidentally created by (political) scientists at the Cato Institute, pointed out by Kerry Howley on Reason’s blog — and Kerry should know about tyrannical governments, having lived and worked in Burma for a while (and left New York City of all places to do so) — wait, can I call it “Burma”?  Luckily, I’m not in Burma, so I can call it anything I damn well please.  I shall call it Tyrannical Monk-Beating Socialistland — and that is far scarier than Halloween.


Brain said...

Regarding the NYT op-ed, it should be fair to mention that they did run it on Halloween. There is a literary appropriateness in printing a story by the sexually confused when the costumed confusion of identity is the order of the day. Even has run book reviews sympathetic towards transgendered people.

Jacob T. Levy said...

So where’s a photo of you as V?

Todd Seavey said...

The costume was a last-minute thing, and I didn’t think to take a picture of it — but as a consolation, here’s that piece by Val D’Orazio that includes photos of me leading an anarcho-capitalist counter-protest, defending the movie _V for Vendetta_ — and the offices of DC Comics — against left-anarchists led by garbage-eating freegan Adam Weissman:

Note: I (speech-making blonde guy, of course) didn’t wear a V mask for that one (Bretigne Shaffer Calvert not having yet given me one a year and a half ago), but in the third large photo down, you’ll see the lovely Nicole Beaver doing so (with bonus glimpse of the side of Chuck Blake’s head), and in the fourth large photo down, you see not only me but Ali Kokmen’s grey necktie.

The photos of the bloodied bodies strewn all over Broadway were censored, of course. Fight the power.