Tuesday, May 1, 2007

DEBATE AT LOLITA BAR: "Does the Beauty Industry Oppress Women?"

As if my recent blog entry denouncing feminism weren’t controversial enough, two talented comedian-debaters will tackle the question “Does the Beauty Industry Oppress Women?” at the next of our monthly Debates at Lolita Bar.

Charles Star argues “yes” and Jen Dziura argues “no.”

That’s tomorrow (Wednesday), May 2, at 8pm, at 266 Broome St. (basement level) at the corner of Allen St., one block south and three west of the Delancey St. subway stop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side (free admission).

P.S. Because of the complexity of the issues raised by this debate, both of aesthetics and gender, the debate will be preceded by a brief explanatory sock puppet show entitled “Beyond the Looking Glass,” performed by Diana Schoenbrun (creator of the exciting new children’s book character Amos the Armadillo, and of sock puppets), eye doctor Heather Mcleod, and animator Jeff Hong.

Bonus puppetry factoid: Paul Winchell, ventriloquist and voice of Tigger and Gargamel, patented the first design for an artificial heart, though it was not used in people or ventriloquist dummies.

P.P.S. If things go quickly at this May 2 debate, you might also consider zipping over to nearby Mo Pitkin’s on Avenue A near 3rd St., where, at 9:30 that same night, you can get a sneak preview of one of the debaters who will appear in our June 20 debate, Rev. Jen, who will be hosting her monthly “Anti-Slam” open mic night — and declaring it a black and white ball in honor of her chihuahua/Rev. Jen simulacrum, Rev. Jen Jr.

By the way, for a few of you who have already expressed confusion, let me repeat: writer and funny performance artist Rev. Jen is one of our June 20 debaters, seen here in a Supergirl outfit:

Rev Jen Supergirl

While writer and comedian Jen Dziura is one of tomorrow’s (May 2) debaters, seen here in a Wonder Woman outfit:
Dziura Wonder Woman

Remembering which Jen is which shouldn’t be difficult: Rev. Jen is obviously from Earth-1 and Jen Dziura from Earth-2 because Supergirl did not exist on Earth-2. All that will probably be clearly explained in issue #52 of the year-long comic book miniseries 52, which, as it happens, hits stands tomorrow (on 5/2, in a further coincidence), bringing with it the return of the DC Comics “multiverse” and the end of my comics methadone program (namely, reading about comics online as a replacement for buying them for years).

See, my willingness to research these subtle differences — and the reasons for them — disproves all those feminist claims that I don’t understand women. But we can discuss that tomorrow, too, if you like.


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Brain said...

I’m sorry I missed it. How was the debate?

Todd Seavey said...

Over forty attended, the puppeteers went all out with prop comedy and some melodramatic and villain-centered plotting, both debaters were funny and rational, and a good time was had by all — except the beauty industry, which was deemed oppressive by a narrow vote of 21-19, partly due to some broader anti-commerce questions raised by audience members such as debater Charles Star’s wife Carrie McLaren, editor of the anti-advertising magazine _Stay Free_ — though Jen Dziura made a a strong case that people who feel oppressed by mere ads — or any other part of civic discourse — need to “buck up.” ACSH brochures about why cosmetics should not be considered a health hazard were distributed by the host free of charge, and alcohol was consumed.

After the debate, Jen Dziura (her strength perhaps enhanced Hulkwise by the sting of her side of the debate question being voted down) defeated her _previous_ debate opponent, Jill “Red Stapler” Friedman (who has posted several responses in my recent “Aborting Feminism” blog entry), in impromptu arm wrestling, which was an unexpected bonus.

Todd Seavey said...

Oh, and I should note that Jill’s fella, DC Comics editor Scott Nybakken, subsequently defeated Jen in arm wrestling, and what could be more chivalrous than that? That’s a good boyfriend.

Charles Star said...

Is that the sportsmanlike way a libertarian takes defeat? Does he seek solace in the idea that the crowd was swayed by unfair topic expansion by familial legerdemain?

I think I know who needs to buck up.

Thanks for having me.

Todd Seavey said...

I mention Carrie only by way of cameo/plug/recap, not to undermine. Congratulations to Mr. Star.

Brain said...

There was arm wrestling after the History of Libertarianism presentation too. I’m all for physical combat to determine justice and truth.